Meeting Notes

We’ll be posting summary notes from each month’s meeting here.

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  1. February 2017

    Interest continues to flourish, as does attendance. We had sixteen pipesters present and many interesting pipes and tobaccos shared.

    Memo Rogers presented the club membership forms and collected the first annual dues.

    Topics of discussion were:
    -a visit to the Seattle Pipe Club on Mar. 8
    -consideration of Portland Pipe Club officers
    -reserving a permanent meeiting space at the Rose & Thistle
    -club swag
    -working with other pipe clubs/associations

    The next meeting be Mar. 19, 2017 at the Rose & Thistle.

  2. A club is only as strong as its members.

    Let’s take a few moments to consider possible officers for President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Let’s also consider possible club activities.

    Officer nominations will be discussed and voted upon at the March meeting.

    • A gentle reminder for this month’s meeting on March 19.
      We will be accepting nominations for club officers. Also let’s stretch our creative muscles and discuss ideas for a club logo. Paper and pens will be supplied.

  3. March 2017

    The blinding arrival of sunny weather did not discourage twelve Northwesterners from attending.

    Topics of discussion
    -nomination of officers.
    -a PPC logo.
    -club bylaws.

    Special thanks to Stev Dieringer for help with the bylaws.

  4. April 2017 meeting postponed

    Due to conflict with Easter this month”s meeting will be on April 23rd not the 16th.

  5. April 2017 meeting.
    April showers (more like deluges) and a lucky 13 pipesters met at the Rose & Thistle.

    The Election of Officers was held.
    President: Memo Rogers
    Secretary: Alex Chin
    Treasurer: Hank Kutgun
    IT: Bobby Fabian

    A meeting of the Executive Board is scheduled for May 6, 1 pm, at the R&T.

    Next monthly meeting is May 21.

  6. May 2017

    The warm weather brought out 12 members including two guests. Welcome Connie and Russell!

    Reminder 1: The June meeting will have a sampling for the members of a recreation of American Tobacco Co.’s “Blue Boar”. Since that name is currently used we will call this one Mulefoot after the endangered American hog breed. Three burleys are combined to create a smoke which is nutty, smooth, and mildly-sweet. It is long-burning, so moderately sized pipes are recommended.

    Reminder 2: Sign-ups for our July meeting and barbecue will be held through the June meeting. We already have eleven reservations and the cut-off is 19.

    Our next meeting will be June 18.

  7. June 18 meeting

    A lucky 13 members attended including our newest pipester Connie.

    Mulefoot debuted and the all-natural Burley blend was a success. Several ounces remain available. Talk to the club if interested.

    The July BBQ is now full, so apologies to any who missed out. The menu will be burgers, hot dogs, and potato salad/sides. Everyone is welcome to bring dishes to suit their desires or any dietary restrictions. Directions are available at

    As a reminder, the BBQ will take the place of our normal meeting. July 16 around 2pm, but this time at the Skyline Tavern.

  8. September 17 meeting.

    The SEPTEMBER MEETING had eleven club members and two guests.

    TILLICUM, the club’s end-of-summer blend debuted and was well received.



    The deadline for sign up will be the October meeting. There’s been quite a bit of interest. Now it the time to commit. The $5 entry fee will cover the cost of pipes and tobacco.

    TRUNK SHOW at 82nd Ave. Tobacco (400 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97216)

    A rep from Laudisi Enterprises will be on hand. The show will feature Savinelli and other pipes, with discounts being offered.

    STEEL BRIDGE, the club’s winter blend will be available for the December meeting. It will be an English-style with lots of turkishes and latakia.

    Our next meeting will be Oct. 15, 2017 at the Rose & Thistle.

  9. This month’s meeting had eight club members and four guests.

    Steve Books Memorial Slow-Smoke

    We have eight of fifteen slots filled. The $5 entry fee provides a Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob marked with “Portland Pipe Club” (worth the entry fee alone) and prizes include a Bare Bones Strawberry Wood (Arbutus), a virgin-finish Savinelli, and free membership dues for a year

    This even will take place at the Novermvber meeting so don’t be late.


    If you miss the monthly meetings we are trying to hold more “impromptus”. We’ve had two so far this month, one at the Rose & Thistle and a clinic on waxing and coloring meerschuam pipes.

    Aside from a chance to smoke a bowl with fellow pipesters, this provides a chance to “catch up” with club happenings and enjoy a smaller, more intimate setting.

    Group Orders

    We had a second successful group order from
    For any interested locate the items you desire, then place the order at the monthly meeting (in writing and payment in full).

    We are leveraging our strength as a club for free shipping and discounts on orders in quantity.

    Our next meeting is November 19, after the West Coast Pipe Show and before Thanksgiving. Let’s look forward to stories from the shows (and new pipe acquisitions) before we get the feasting.

    We had a total of twelve members in attendance and three guests, including Eva Books and Cameron from 82nd Ave. Pipe and Tobacco.

    The club’s first ever slow-smoke contest was a success and fun for all. This year’s contest was dedicated in memory of the late Steve Books.

    We would like to once again thank Missouri Meerschaum for providing the pipes and 82nd Ave Pipe and Tobacco for the “official” matches. In case you missed it, Missouri Meerschaum custom-marked each pipe with “Portland Pipe Club”.

    Members who attended the West Coast Pipe Show showed off the symptoms of their Pipe Acquisition Disease.

    Several who missed the “Great Wax-in” have requested another session. We will plan that for after the holidays.

    Our next meeting is December 17.

  11. A Merry Xmas to all our merry pipesters. Our December meeting had fourteen members and three guests. As members expressed their well wishes for the holidays and prepared to travel, we were gratified to have such a great turnout.
    For those members who missed it, the club’s Christmas present was a carved meerschaum tamper. We have three tampers remaining for any members who missed picking one.
    Eva Books provided Christmas cookies. Thanks Eva.
    The club’s activities this past year included a trip to visit the Seattle Pipe Club, two club blends, a summer BBQ, the 1st Annual Slow-Smoke (dedicated to our friend Steve Books), and club tampers.
    As we approach 2018 let’s consider the club’s future. Our current officers will be leaving and we hope others will step up to succeed them. Let’s continue to grow the club and pursue our common love of pipes and tobacco.

  12. Our January 2018 meeting had 14 members and four guests braving the weather. Much good tobacco was burnt.

    The last of the club tampers were distributed. Apologies to any who missed out.

    Kent, a guest, brought a beautiful Bang pipe to inspire jealousy and several older tins of tobaccos to sell. Hopefully he will return with them to a future meeting. Among the offerings were offerings from Pease, Former, and Solani.

    As our first year as a club draws to a close, I hope those who appreciated the benefits of membership will consider becoming a club officer. The strength of our group can be used to make orders (frequently at discount), field trips, ordering swag, and having summer cookouts.

    Our president, Memo Rogers, has a new son and will no longer have as much time to participate. I have been running the Yahoo group newsletter for over ten years and have other claims on my time.

    The elections will be held at our April meeting, so take time to consider what strength in numbers can do for us.

    The next meeting is February 18.

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