Portland Pipe Club Bylaws

Portland Pipe Club Bylaws
As of March 20, 2017

Article 1.      General

1.1    Name: This organization shall be known as the Portland Pipe Club.
1.2 Purpose: The purpose of this club is to promote the enjoyment of pipe smoking and to bring together those who share this interest.
1.3 Remuneration: No officer or member may receive remuneration for services provided to the Portland Pipe Club.

Article 2:    Members

2.1    Membership Dues: Annual dues of $24, payable in full, shall be due each March.
2.2     New Members: New members joining the club after March shall pay in full $2.00 for each month remaining in the dues year.
2.3     Delinquent Dues: Members with unpaid dues may attend monthly meetings but cannot vote nor participate in club-sponsored events or activities.

Article 3:    Officers

3.1    Nominations and Elections: Officers will be nominated  and elected at  the March monthly meeting.  All officers will be elected by a simple majority of all members present and voting by ballot at the March meeting.
3.2 Terms of Office:  Each officer will serve a term of one year from the time
of election until the next election.
3.3 Elected Officers: Elected offices shall constitute the Executive Board. The officers shall be:
Grand Poobah
Minister of Propaganda
Master of Coin
Code Monkey
3.4 Duties of the Officers
3.4.1 Grand Poobah:  The Grand Poobah shall act as club President and
a. Preside over meetings.
b. To see to the enforcement of the objects and purposes of this organization.
c. To appoint committees and chairpersons.
d. Any other duties specifically pertaining to this office.
e. Coordinate events/activities.
f. Act as liaison and ambassador to other pipe clubs.

3.4.2 Minister of Propaganda:  The Minister of Propaganda shall act as Secretary and
a. Provide communications to club members.
b. Maintain monthly meeting notes.
c. Work with the Code Monkey to maintain club communications.

3.4.3 Master of Coin:  The Master of Coin shall act as Treasurer and
a. Manage the club finances.
b. Receive and report all dues, monies, and donations to the club.
c. Provide a montlhy financial report to the Executive Board.
d. Provide reimbursement to officers or members for out-of-pocket expenses in return for receipts submitted to him/her.

3.4.4 Code Monkey:  The Code Monkey shall be responsible for the club website and IT and
a. Maintain the club website.
b. Work with the Minister of Propaganda to provide club communications.

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